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Technique & Drills: Rotational Shot Put

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Item Number: TD-02736H Brand: Championship
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with Jim Aikens,
Fremd HS (IL) Head Boy's Track Coach
Jim Aikens delivers the total package for the rotational shot put. Coach Aikens begins with a brief demonstration of general throwing techniques and follows with a stretching sequence that he utilizes with all of his throwers.

Aikens moves into shot put specific technique and demonstrates proper positioning of the shot as well as proper arm position for the throw. He then addresses the main differences between the release for the glide and the rotational shot put. To assist coaches in determining which style is most advantageous for a particular athlete, Aikens offers two drills that evaluate whether the athlete has the attributes necessary for rotational success. Aikens approaches the rotational shot put in a very similar way to that of the discus throw. He provides a breakdown of the rotational skill set with a focus on pivoting with balance to train the spin.

Aikens also shows a progressive drill sequences for each part of the ring: front, middle, out of the back drills, and setting up the back. He includes a drill progression that simplifies teaching the transition from the back to the middle. Aikens reveals advanced tips for tweaking a more advanced thrower.

In the final segment, full throws are demonstrated from both side and back views.

63 minutes. 2007.

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TD-02736H TD-02736H

Product Reviews: Technique & Drills: Rotational Shot Put
Technique & Drills: Rotational Shot Put
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