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district very important tee

Product Info
Item Number: DT6000T Brand: San Mar Gender: Men
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: X-SmallMediumLargeX-LargeXX-Large3X-Large4X-Large5XL
Colors: Grey, Dusty Peach, Grey Frost, Heathered Cardinal, Heathered Navy, Heathered Purple, Royal Frost, Heathered Brown, Heathered Red, Kiwi Green, Light Turquoise, Maritime Blue, Neptune Blue, Heathered Royal, Black, Charcoal, Classic Red, Gold, Deep Royal, Evergreen, Eggplant, Hthrd Bright Turquoise, Heathered Kelly Green, Ice Blue, Heathered Charcoal, Lemon Yellow, Light Heather Grey, Lime Shock, Mint, Neon Pink, Orange, Olive, White
Price: $8.00
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Crafted from ring spun cotton for ultimate comfort.

4.3-ounce, 100% combed ring spun cotton, 34 singles
60/40 combed ring spun cotton/poly (Heathers, Frosts, Neon Pink)
90/10 combed ring spun cotton/poly (Light Heather Grey)
Slightly slimmer body and shorter sleeves
1x1 rib knit neck
Tear-away label
Shoulder to shoulder taping
Please note: All heather colors (except for Light Heather Grey) in this product are transitioning from a 50/50 cotton/poly blend to a 60/40 cotton/poly blend. Your order may contain a combination of both contents.

Indicates that item is available through San Mar.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-3XL Grey 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-4XL Grey 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-5XL Grey 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-L Grey Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-M Grey Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-S Grey Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-XL Grey X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-XS Grey X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-065-XXL Grey XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-3XL Dusty Peach 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-4XL Dusty Peach 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-5XL Dusty Peach 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-L Dusty Peach Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-M Dusty Peach Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-S Dusty Peach Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-XL Dusty Peach X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-XS Dusty Peach X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2DP-XXL Dusty Peach XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-3XL Grey Frost 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-4XL Grey Frost 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-5XL Grey Frost 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-L Grey Frost Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-M Grey Frost Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-S Grey Frost Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-XL Grey Frost X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-XS Grey Frost X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2GF-XXL Grey Frost XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-3XL Heathered Cardinal 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-4XL Heathered Cardinal 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-5XL Heathered Cardinal 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-L Heathered Cardinal Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-M Heathered Cardinal Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-S Heathered Cardinal Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-XL Heathered Cardinal X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-XS Heathered Cardinal X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HC-XXL Heathered Cardinal XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-3XL Heathered Navy 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-4XL Heathered Navy 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-5XL Heathered Navy 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-L Heathered Navy Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-M Heathered Navy Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-S Heathered Navy Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-XL Heathered Navy X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-XS Heathered Navy X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HN-XXL Heathered Navy XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-3XL Heathered Purple 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-4XL Heathered Purple 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-5XL Heathered Purple 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-L Heathered Purple Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-M Heathered Purple Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-S Heathered Purple Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-XL Heathered Purple X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-XS Heathered Purple X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2HP-XXL Heathered Purple XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-3XL Royal Frost 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-4XL Royal Frost 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-5XL Royal Frost 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-L Royal Frost Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-M Royal Frost Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-S Royal Frost Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-XL Royal Frost X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-XS Royal Frost X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-2RF-XXL Royal Frost XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-3XL Heathered Brown 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-4XL Heathered Brown 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-5XL Heathered Brown 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-L Heathered Brown Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-M Heathered Brown Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-S Heathered Brown Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-XL Heathered Brown X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-XS Heathered Brown X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HB-XXL Heathered Brown XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-3XL Heathered Red 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-4XL Heathered Red 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-5XL Heathered Red 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-L Heathered Red Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-M Heathered Red Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-S Heathered Red Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-XL Heathered Red X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-XS Heathered Red X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3HR-XXL Heathered Red XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-3XL Kiwi Green 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-4XL Kiwi Green 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-5XL Kiwi Green 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-L Kiwi Green Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-M Kiwi Green Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-S Kiwi Green Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-XL Kiwi Green X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-XS Kiwi Green X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3KG-XXL Kiwi Green XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-3XL Light Turquoise 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-4XL Light Turquoise 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-5XL Light Turquoise 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-L Light Turquoise Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-M Light Turquoise Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-S Light Turquoise Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-XL Light Turquoise X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-XS Light Turquoise X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3LT-XXL Light Turquoise XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-3XL Maritime Blue 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-4XL Maritime Blue 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-5XL Maritime Blue 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-L Maritime Blue Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-M Maritime Blue Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-S Maritime Blue Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-XL Maritime Blue X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-XS Maritime Blue X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3MB-XXL Maritime Blue XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-3XL Neptune Blue 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-4XL Neptune Blue 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-5XL Neptune Blue 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-L Neptune Blue Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-M Neptune Blue Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-S Neptune Blue Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-XL Neptune Blue X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-XS Neptune Blue X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-3NB-XXL Neptune Blue XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-3XL Heathered Royal 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-4XL Heathered Royal 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-5XL Heathered Royal 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-L Heathered Royal Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-M Heathered Royal Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-S Heathered Royal Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-XL Heathered Royal X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-XS Heathered Royal X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-4HR-XXL Heathered Royal XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-3XL Black 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-4XL Black 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-5XL Black 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-L Black Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-M Black Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-S Black Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-XL Black X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-XS Black X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-B-XXL Black XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-3XL Charcoal 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-4XL Charcoal 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-5XL Charcoal 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-L Charcoal Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-M Charcoal Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-S Charcoal Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-XL Charcoal X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-XS Charcoal X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CH-XXL Charcoal XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-3XL Classic Red 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-4XL Classic Red 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-5XL Classic Red 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-L Classic Red Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-M Classic Red Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-S Classic Red Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-XL Classic Red X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-XS Classic Red X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-CR4-XXL Classic Red XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-3XL Gold 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-4XL Gold 4X-Large


DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-L Gold Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-M Gold Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-S Gold Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-XL Gold X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-XS Gold X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-D-XXL Gold XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-3XL Deep Royal 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-4XL Deep Royal 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-5XL Deep Royal 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-L Deep Royal Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-M Deep Royal Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-S Deep Royal Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-XL Deep Royal X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-XS Deep Royal X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-DR-XXL Deep Royal XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-3XL Evergreen 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-4XL Evergreen 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-5XL Evergreen 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-L Evergreen Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-M Evergreen Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-S Evergreen Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-XL Evergreen X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-XS Evergreen X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-E-XXL Evergreen XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-3XL Eggplant 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-4XL Eggplant 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-5XL Eggplant 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-L Eggplant Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-M Eggplant Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-S Eggplant Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-XL Eggplant X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-XS Eggplant X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-EGG-XXL Eggplant XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-3XL Hthrd Bright Turquoise 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-4XL Hthrd Bright Turquoise 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-5XL Hthrd Bright Turquoise 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-L Hthrd Bright Turquoise Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-M Hthrd Bright Turquoise Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-S Hthrd Bright Turquoise Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-XL Hthrd Bright Turquoise X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-XS Hthrd Bright Turquoise X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HBT-XXL Hthrd Bright Turquoise XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-3XL Heathered Kelly Green 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-4XL Heathered Kelly Green 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-5XL Heathered Kelly Green 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-L Heathered Kelly Green Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-M Heathered Kelly Green Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-S Heathered Kelly Green Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-XL Heathered Kelly Green X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-XS Heathered Kelly Green X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-HKG-XXL Heathered Kelly Green XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-3XL Ice Blue 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-4XL Ice Blue 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-5XL Ice Blue 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-L Ice Blue Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-M Ice Blue Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-S Ice Blue Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-XL Ice Blue X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-XS Ice Blue X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-IL-XXL Ice Blue XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-3XL Heathered Charcoal 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-4XL Heathered Charcoal 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-5XL Heathered Charcoal 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-L Heathered Charcoal Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-M Heathered Charcoal Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-S Heathered Charcoal Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-XL Heathered Charcoal X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-XS Heathered Charcoal X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-JHC-XXL Heathered Charcoal XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-3XL Lemon Yellow 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-4XL Lemon Yellow 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-5XL Lemon Yellow 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-L Lemon Yellow Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-M Lemon Yellow Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-S Lemon Yellow Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-XL Lemon Yellow X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-XS Lemon Yellow X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LEY-XXL Lemon Yellow XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-3XL Light Heather Grey 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-4XL Light Heather Grey 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-5XL Light Heather Grey 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-L Light Heather Grey Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-M Light Heather Grey Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-S Light Heather Grey Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-XL Light Heather Grey X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-XS Light Heather Grey X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LHG-XXL Light Heather Grey XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-3XL Lime Shock 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-4XL Lime Shock 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-5XL Lime Shock 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-L Lime Shock Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-M Lime Shock Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-S Lime Shock Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-XL Lime Shock X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-XS Lime Shock X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-LSK-XXL Lime Shock XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-MNT-3XL Mint 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-MNT-4XL Mint 4X-Large


DT6000TLJF-SAN-MNT-L Mint Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-MNT-M Mint Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-MNT-S Mint Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-MNT-XL Mint X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-MNT-XS Mint X-Small


DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-3XL Navy 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-4XL Navy 4X-Large


DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-L Navy Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-M Navy Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-S Navy Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-XL Navy X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-XS Navy X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-N-XXL Navy XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-3XL Neon Pink 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-4XL Neon Pink 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-5XL Neon Pink 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-L Neon Pink Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-M Neon Pink Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-S Neon Pink Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-XL Neon Pink X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-XS Neon Pink X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-NEP-XXL Neon Pink XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-3XL Orange 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-4XL Orange 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-5XL Orange 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-L Orange Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-M Orange Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-S Orange Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-XL Orange X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-XS Orange X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-O-XXL Orange XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-OLV-3XL Olive 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-OLV-4XL Olive 4X-Large


DT6000TLJF-SAN-OLV-L Olive Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-OLV-M Olive Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-OLV-S Olive Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-OLV-XL Olive X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-OLV-XS Olive X-Small


DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-3XL Purple 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-4XL Purple 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-5XL Purple 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-L Purple Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-M Purple Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-S Purple Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-XL Purple X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-XS Purple X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-P-XXL Purple XX-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-3XL White 3X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-4XL White 4X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-5XL White 5XL

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-L White Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-M White Medium

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-S White Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-XL White X-Large

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-XS White X-Small

DT6000TLJF-SAN-W-XXL White XX-Large

Product Reviews: district very important tee
District Very Important Tee
Size & Fit


runs small runs large


runs narrow runs wide


runs short runs long