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adidas climalite quickset ls jersey

Product Info
Item Number: ADIV0701 Brand: Adidas Gender: Women Product Type: Volleyball Jerseys
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: Youth SmallYouth MediumYouth Large2X-SmallX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Black, Black/Black Heather, Coll Navy, Coll Royal, Maroon, Power Red, Shocking Pink, White
Price: $55.00
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84% Polyester/16% Elastane
Semi-Fitted designed allows for superior performance during overhead motions in a feminine silhouette.
27.5" center back length (size M)
Mesh inset at back for increased breathability
Seamless lift panel under arm for increased range of motion
Contrast Heather colored panels
Contrast heat transfer adidas logo

Indicates that item is available through Adidas.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-L Black Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-M Black Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-S Black Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-XL Black X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-XS Black X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-XXL Black 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-xxs Black 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-YL Black Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-YM Black Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-005-YS Black Youth Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-L Black/Black Heather Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-M Black/Black Heather Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-S Black/Black Heather Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-XL Black/Black Heather X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-XS Black/Black Heather X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-XXL Black/Black Heather 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-xxs Black/Black Heather 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-YL Black/Black Heather Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-YM Black/Black Heather Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-BB1-YS Black/Black Heather Youth Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-L Coll Navy Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-M Coll Navy Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-S Coll Navy Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-XL Coll Navy X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-XS Coll Navy X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-XXL Coll Navy 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-xxs Coll Navy 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-YL Coll Navy Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-YM Coll Navy Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-CoN-YS Coll Navy Youth Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-L Coll Royal Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-M Coll Royal Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-S Coll Royal Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-XL Coll Royal X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-XS Coll Royal X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-XXL Coll Royal 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-xxs Coll Royal 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-YL Coll Royal Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-YM Coll Royal Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-Coy-YS Coll Royal Youth Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-L Maroon Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-M Maroon Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-S Maroon Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-XL Maroon X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-XS Maroon X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-XXL Maroon 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-xxs Maroon 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-YL Maroon Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-YM Maroon Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-M-YS Maroon Youth Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-L Power Red Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-M Power Red Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-S Power Red Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-XL Power Red X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-XS Power Red X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-XXL Power Red 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-xxs Power Red 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-YL Power Red Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-YM Power Red Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-PRR-YS Power Red Youth Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-L Shocking Pink Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-M Shocking Pink Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-S Shocking Pink Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-XL Shocking Pink X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-XS Shocking Pink X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-XXL Shocking Pink 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-xxs Shocking Pink 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-YL Shocking Pink Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-YM Shocking Pink Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-sk9-YS Shocking Pink Youth Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-L White Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-M White Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-S White Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-XL White X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-XS White X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-XXL White 2X-Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-xxs White 2X-Small

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-YL White Youth Large

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-YM White Youth Medium

ADIV0701F7F-ADI-W-YS White Youth Small

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Adidas Climalite Quickset LS Jersey
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