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augusta lightning shorts

Product Info
Item Number: 1605 Brand: Augusta Sportswear Gender: Unisex Product Type: Shorts
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large3X-Large2-XL
Colors: Black/White, Gold/Black, Dark Green/White, Graphite/White, Kelly/White, Lime/Black, Maroon/White, Navy/White, Orange/Black, Power Blue/Black, Purple/White, Power Yellow/Black, Red/White, Royal/White, Silver/Black, Teal/Black, White/White
Price: $16.00
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100% polyester wicking knit
Wicks moisture
Tagless label
Covered elastic waistband with inside drawcord
Contrast color inserts
8-inch inseam
Youth inseam graded

Indicates that item is available through Augusta Sportswear.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
1605K6L-AUG-010-2XL Black/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-010-3XL Black/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-010-L Black/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-010-M Black/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-010-S Black/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-010-XL Black/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-DB-2XL Gold/Black 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-DB-3XL Gold/Black 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-DB-L Gold/Black Large

1605K6L-AUG-DB-M Gold/Black Medium

1605K6L-AUG-DB-S Gold/Black Small

1605K6L-AUG-DB-XL Gold/Black X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-DGW-2XL Dark Green/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-DGW-3XL Dark Green/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-DGW-L Dark Green/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-DGW-M Dark Green/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-DGW-S Dark Green/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-DGW-XL Dark Green/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-GPW-2XL Graphite/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-GPW-3XL Graphite/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-GPW-L Graphite/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-GPW-M Graphite/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-GPW-S Graphite/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-GPW-XL Graphite/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-KW-2XL Kelly/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-KW-3XL Kelly/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-KW-L Kelly/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-KW-M Kelly/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-KW-S Kelly/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-KW-XL Kelly/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-LMB-2XL Lime/Black 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-LMB-3XL Lime/Black 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-LMB-L Lime/Black Large

1605K6L-AUG-LMB-M Lime/Black Medium

1605K6L-AUG-LMB-S Lime/Black Small

1605K6L-AUG-LMB-XL Lime/Black X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-MW-2XL Maroon/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-MW-3XL Maroon/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-MW-L Maroon/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-MW-M Maroon/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-MW-S Maroon/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-MW-XL Maroon/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-NW-2XL Navy/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-NW-3XL Navy/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-NW-L Navy/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-NW-M Navy/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-NW-S Navy/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-NW-XL Navy/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-OB-2XL Orange/Black 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-OB-3XL Orange/Black 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-OB-L Orange/Black Large

1605K6L-AUG-OB-M Orange/Black Medium

1605K6L-AUG-OB-S Orange/Black Small

1605K6L-AUG-OB-XL Orange/Black X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-PRK-2XL Power Blue/Black 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-PRK-3XL Power Blue/Black 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-PRK-L Power Blue/Black Large

1605K6L-AUG-PRK-M Power Blue/Black Medium

1605K6L-AUG-PRK-S Power Blue/Black Small

1605K6L-AUG-PRK-XL Power Blue/Black X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-PW-2XL Purple/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-PW-3XL Purple/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-PW-L Purple/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-PW-M Purple/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-PW-S Purple/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-PW-XL Purple/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-PYK-2XL Power Yellow/Black 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-PYK-3XL Power Yellow/Black 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-PYK-L Power Yellow/Black Large

1605K6L-AUG-PYK-M Power Yellow/Black Medium

1605K6L-AUG-PYK-S Power Yellow/Black Small

1605K6L-AUG-PYK-XL Power Yellow/Black X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-RW-2XL Red/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-RW-3XL Red/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-RW-L Red/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-RW-M Red/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-RW-S Red/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-RW-XL Red/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-RYW-2XL Royal/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-RYW-3XL Royal/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-RYW-L Royal/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-RYW-M Royal/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-RYW-S Royal/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-RYW-XL Royal/White X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-SVB-2XL Silver/Black 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-SVB-3XL Silver/Black 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-SVB-L Silver/Black Large

1605K6L-AUG-SVB-M Silver/Black Medium

1605K6L-AUG-SVB-S Silver/Black Small

1605K6L-AUG-SVB-XL Silver/Black X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-TLB-2XL Teal/Black 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-TLB-3XL Teal/Black 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-TLB-L Teal/Black Large

1605K6L-AUG-TLB-M Teal/Black Medium

1605K6L-AUG-TLB-S Teal/Black Small

1605K6L-AUG-TLB-XL Teal/Black X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-WW-2XL White/White 2-XL

1605K6L-AUG-WW-3XL White/White 3X-Large

1605K6L-AUG-WW-L White/White Large

1605K6L-AUG-WW-M White/White Medium

1605K6L-AUG-WW-S White/White Small

1605K6L-AUG-WW-XL White/White X-Large

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