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augusta wicking ladies mesh short

Product Info
Item Number: 960 Brand: Augusta Sportswear Gender: Women Product Type: In-Line Sizing: Apparel Sizing
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: Youth SmallYouth MediumYouth LargeX-Large2X-Large
Colors: Black, Columbia Blue, Gold, Dark Green, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, Royal, Silver, White
MSRP: $14.99
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100% polyester wicking mesh
Wicks moisture
Ladies' fit
Covered elastic waistband with inside drawcord
5-inch inseam
Girls inseam graded
Apparel Sizing
Women Apparel Sizing


02 46 810 1214 1618 2022 2426
CHEST (Inches) 3233 3435 3638 3941 4244 4648 50-52
WAIST (Inches) 2425 2627 2829 3032 3335 3739 4145
HIP (Inches) 3436 3738 3840 4244 4547 4951 5355
CHEST (Centimeters) 8184 8689 9197 99104 107112 117122 127132
WAIST (Centimeters) 6265 6770 7275 7781 8489 9499 104114
HIP (Centimeters) 8691 9497 97102 107112 114119 125129 135140

Indicates that item is available through Augusta Sportswear.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
9603O8-aug-b-l Black Large

9603O8-aug-b-m Black Medium

9603O8-aug-b-s Black Small

9603O8-aug-b-xl Black X-Large

9603O8-aug-b-xxl Black 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-b-yl Black Youth Large

9603O8-aug-b-ym Black Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-b-ys Black Youth Small

9603O8-aug-col-l Columbia Blue Large

9603O8-aug-col-m Columbia Blue Medium

9603O8-aug-col-s Columbia Blue Small

9603O8-aug-col-xl Columbia Blue X-Large

9603O8-aug-col-xxl Columbia Blue 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-col-yl Columbia Blue Youth Large

9603O8-aug-col-ym Columbia Blue Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-col-ys Columbia Blue Youth Small

9603O8-aug-d-l Gold Large

9603O8-aug-d-m Gold Medium

9603O8-aug-d-s Gold Small

9603O8-aug-d-xl Gold X-Large

9603O8-aug-d-xxl Gold 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-d-yl Gold Youth Large

9603O8-aug-d-ym Gold Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-d-ys Gold Youth Small

9603O8-aug-dg-l Dark Green Large

9603O8-aug-dg-m Dark Green Medium

9603O8-aug-dg-s Dark Green Small

9603O8-aug-dg-xl Dark Green X-Large

9603O8-aug-dg-xxl Dark Green 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-dg-yl Dark Green Youth Large

9603O8-aug-dg-ym Dark Green Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-dg-ys Dark Green Youth Small

9603O8-aug-m-l Maroon Large

9603O8-aug-m-m Maroon Medium

9603O8-aug-m-s Maroon Small

9603O8-aug-m-xl Maroon X-Large

9603O8-aug-m-xxl Maroon 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-m-yl Maroon Youth Large

9603O8-aug-m-ym Maroon Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-m-ys Maroon Youth Small

9603O8-aug-n-l Navy Large

9603O8-aug-n-m Navy Medium

9603O8-aug-n-s Navy Small

9603O8-aug-n-xl Navy X-Large

9603O8-aug-n-xxl Navy 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-n-yl Navy Youth Large

9603O8-aug-n-ym Navy Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-n-ys Navy Youth Small

9603O8-aug-o-l Orange Large

9603O8-aug-o-m Orange Medium

9603O8-aug-o-s Orange Small

9603O8-aug-o-xl Orange X-Large

9603O8-aug-o-xxl Orange 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-o-yl Orange Youth Large

9603O8-aug-o-ym Orange Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-o-ys Orange Youth Small

9603O8-aug-p-l Purple Large

9603O8-aug-p-m Purple Medium

9603O8-aug-p-s Purple Small

9603O8-aug-p-xl Purple X-Large

9603O8-aug-p-xxl Purple 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-p-yl Purple Youth Large

9603O8-aug-p-ym Purple Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-p-ys Purple Youth Small

9603O8-aug-pk-l Pink Large

9603O8-aug-pk-m Pink Medium

9603O8-aug-pk-s Pink Small

9603O8-aug-pk-xl Pink X-Large

9603O8-aug-pk-xxl Pink 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-pk-yl Pink Youth Large

9603O8-aug-pk-ym Pink Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-pk-ys Pink Youth Small

9603O8-aug-r-l Red Large

9603O8-aug-r-m Red Medium

9603O8-aug-r-s Red Small

9603O8-aug-r-xl Red X-Large

9603O8-aug-r-xxl Red 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-r-yl Red Youth Large

9603O8-aug-r-ym Red Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-r-ys Red Youth Small

9603O8-aug-ry-l Royal Large

9603O8-aug-ry-m Royal Medium

9603O8-aug-ry-s Royal Small

9603O8-aug-ry-xl Royal X-Large

9603O8-aug-ry-xxl Royal 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-ry-yl Royal Youth Large

9603O8-aug-ry-ym Royal Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-ry-ys Royal Youth Small

9603O8-aug-slv-l Silver Large

9603O8-aug-slv-m Silver Medium

9603O8-aug-slv-s Silver Small

9603O8-aug-slv-xl Silver X-Large

9603O8-aug-slv-xxl Silver 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-slv-yl Silver Youth Large

9603O8-aug-slv-ym Silver Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-slv-ys Silver Youth Small

9603O8-aug-w-l White Large

9603O8-aug-w-m White Medium

9603O8-aug-w-s White Small

9603O8-aug-w-xl White X-Large

9603O8-aug-w-xxl White 2X-Large

9603O8-aug-w-yl White Youth Large

9603O8-aug-w-ym White Youth Medium

9603O8-aug-w-ys White Youth Small

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Augusta Wicking Ladies Mesh Short
Size & Fit


runs small runs large


runs narrow runs wide


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