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nike dri-fit micro pique 2.0 polo

Product Info
Item Number: NKDC1963 Brand: Nike Gender: Unisex Product Type: Polos
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large3X-Large4X-Large2-XL
Colors: Blue Tint, Brilliant Orange, Gym Blue, Lucid Green, Tidal Blue, Urban Lilac, Anthracite, Black, Cool Grey, Court Purple, University Red, Game Royal, Gorge Green, Mint, Navy, Team Red, Valor Blue, Vivid Pink, Varsity Maize, White
Price: $39.99
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The best-selling Nike polo just got better. Still engineered from soft, stretchable micro pique fabric, the Nike Dri-FIT Micro Pique 2.0 Polo is now 5 styles strong. It delivers unparalleled comfort with Dri-FIT moisture management technology and features updated design lines and fit. Flat knit collar and three-button placket. Rolled-forward shoulder seams, open hem sleeves and open hem. White or black pearlized buttons selected to complement the shirt color. Contrast Swoosh logo is embroidered on the left sleeve. Made of 4.3-ounce, 100% polyester Dri-FIT fabric.

Indicates that item is available through Nike.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-2XL Blue Tint 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-3XL Blue Tint 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-4XL Blue Tint 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-L Blue Tint Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-M Blue Tint Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-S Blue Tint Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-XL Blue Tint X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-350-XS Blue Tint X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-2XL Brilliant Orange 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-3XL Brilliant Orange 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-4XL Brilliant Orange 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-L Brilliant Orange Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-M Brilliant Orange Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-S Brilliant Orange Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-XL Brilliant Orange X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-351-XS Brilliant Orange X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-2XL Gym Blue 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-3XL Gym Blue 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-4XL Gym Blue 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-L Gym Blue Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-M Gym Blue Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-S Gym Blue Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-XL Gym Blue X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-352-XS Gym Blue X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-2XL Lucid Green 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-3XL Lucid Green 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-4XL Lucid Green 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-L Lucid Green Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-M Lucid Green Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-S Lucid Green Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-XL Lucid Green X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-353-XS Lucid Green X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-2XL Tidal Blue 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-3XL Tidal Blue 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-4XL Tidal Blue 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-L Tidal Blue Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-M Tidal Blue Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-S Tidal Blue Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-XL Tidal Blue X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-354-XS Tidal Blue X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-2XL Urban Lilac 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-3XL Urban Lilac 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-4XL Urban Lilac 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-L Urban Lilac Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-M Urban Lilac Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-S Urban Lilac Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-XL Urban Lilac X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-355-XS Urban Lilac X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-2XL Anthracite 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-3XL Anthracite 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-4XL Anthracite 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-L Anthracite Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-M Anthracite Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-S Anthracite Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-XL Anthracite X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-ANT-XS Anthracite X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-2XL Black 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-3XL Black 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-4XL Black 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-L Black Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-M Black Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-S Black Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-XL Black X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-B-XS Black X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-2XL Cool Grey 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-3XL Cool Grey 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-4XL Cool Grey 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-L Cool Grey Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-M Cool Grey Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-S Cool Grey Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-XL Cool Grey X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-CG-XS Cool Grey X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-2XL Court Purple 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-3XL Court Purple 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-4XL Court Purple 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-L Court Purple Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-M Court Purple Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-S Court Purple Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-XL Court Purple X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-COP-XS Court Purple X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-2XL University Red 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-3XL University Red 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-4XL University Red 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-L University Red Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-M University Red Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-S University Red Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-XL University Red X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-G71-XS University Red X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-2XL Game Royal 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-3XL Game Royal 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-4XL Game Royal 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-L Game Royal Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-M Game Royal Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-S Game Royal Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-XL Game Royal X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GAR-XS Game Royal X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-2XL Gorge Green 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-3XL Gorge Green 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-4XL Gorge Green 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-L Gorge Green Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-M Gorge Green Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-S Gorge Green Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-XL Gorge Green X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-GRG-XS Gorge Green X-Small


NKDC1963KBV-NKE-MNT-3XL Mint 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-MNT-4XL Mint 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-MNT-L Mint Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-MNT-M Mint Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-MNT-S Mint Small




NKDC1963KBV-NKE-N-3XL Navy 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-N-4XL Navy 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-N-L Navy Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-N-M Navy Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-N-S Navy Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-N-XL Navy X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-N-XS Navy X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-2XL Team Red 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-3XL Team Red 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-4XL Team Red 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-L Team Red Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-M Team Red Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-S Team Red Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-XL Team Red X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-TR-XS Team Red X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-2XL Valor Blue 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-3XL Valor Blue 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-4XL Valor Blue 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-L Valor Blue Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-M Valor Blue Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-S Valor Blue Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-XL Valor Blue X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VLL-XS Valor Blue X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-2XL Vivid Pink 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-3XL Vivid Pink 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-4XL Vivid Pink 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-L Vivid Pink Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-M Vivid Pink Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-S Vivid Pink Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-XL Vivid Pink X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VPI-XS Vivid Pink X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-2XL Varsity Maize 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-3XL Varsity Maize 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-4XL Varsity Maize 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-L Varsity Maize Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-M Varsity Maize Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-S Varsity Maize Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-XL Varsity Maize X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-VZ-XS Varsity Maize X-Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-2XL White 2-XL

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-3XL White 3X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-4XL White 4X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-L White Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-M White Medium

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-S White Small

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-XL White X-Large

NKDC1963KBV-NKE-W-XS White X-Small

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Nike Dri-FIT Micro Pique 2.0 Polo
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