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impuls balega hidden comfort socks

Product Info
Item Number: 8025 Brand: Impulse Gender: Men Product Type: Socks
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large
Colors: Black, Blue Teal, Charcoal, Chared Purple, Cherry Denim, Green, Mid-Grey Carbon, Neon Coral, Neon Blue, Peach, Passion Pink, White, Watermelon Pink, Cam Rose, Brad, Zesty Lemon
Price: $14.99
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The Balega Hidden Comfort No Show Socks offer supremely comfortable cushion and performance mile after mile. Delivering the ultimate protection and impact resistance, Hidden Comfort No Show Socks are composed of extra-fine yarn to provide plush protective cushion without adding bulk.

Delivers ultimate protection and impact resistance with a plush, dense cushioned running sock design and a 200 needle-count fabric.
Keeps feet cool and dry with Balega’s proprietary Drynamix® moisture wicking fibers, plus specially constructed, reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels.
Maximizes comfort with hand-linked, seamless, reinforced toe and high heel tab that helps prevent the sock from slipping into your shoe.
Enhanced elastane provides additional no-slip security.
Extra-deep heel pocket ensures the perfect fit.
Each sock is hand-inspected for quality insurance. One-year warranty.

Indicates that item is available through Impulse.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
8025FVJ-IMP-B-L Black Large

8025FVJ-IMP-B-M Black Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-B-S Black Small

8025FVJ-IMP-B-XL Black X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-BT9-L Blue Teal Large

8025FVJ-IMP-BT9-M Blue Teal Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-BT9-S Blue Teal Small

8025FVJ-IMP-BT9-XL Blue Teal X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-CH-L Charcoal Large

8025FVJ-IMP-CH-M Charcoal Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-CH-S Charcoal Small

8025FVJ-IMP-CH-XL Charcoal X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-CP9-L Chared Purple Large

8025FVJ-IMP-CP9-M Chared Purple Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-CP9-S Chared Purple Small

8025FVJ-IMP-CP9-XL Chared Purple X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-CYD-L Cherry Denim Large

8025FVJ-IMP-CYD-M Cherry Denim Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-CYD-S Cherry Denim Small

8025FVJ-IMP-CYD-XL Cherry Denim X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-G-L Green Large

8025FVJ-IMP-G-M Green Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-G-S Green Small

8025FVJ-IMP-G-XL Green X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-MG9-L Mid-Grey Carbon Large

8025FVJ-IMP-MG9-M Mid-Grey Carbon Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-MG9-S Mid-Grey Carbon Small

8025FVJ-IMP-MG9-XL Mid-Grey Carbon X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-NEC-L Neon Coral Large

8025FVJ-IMP-NEC-M Neon Coral Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-NEC-S Neon Coral Small

8025FVJ-IMP-NEC-XL Neon Coral X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-NEL-L Neon Blue Large

8025FVJ-IMP-NEL-M Neon Blue Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-NEL-S Neon Blue Small

8025FVJ-IMP-NEL-XL Neon Blue X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-PCH-L Peach Large

8025FVJ-IMP-PCH-M Peach Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-PCH-S Peach Small

8025FVJ-IMP-PCH-XL Peach X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-PPK-L Passion Pink Large

8025FVJ-IMP-PPK-M Passion Pink Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-PPK-S Passion Pink Small

8025FVJ-IMP-PPK-XL Passion Pink X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-W-L White Large

8025FVJ-IMP-W-M White Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-W-S White Small

8025FVJ-IMP-W-XL White X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-WRP-L Watermelon Pink Large

8025FVJ-IMP-WRP-M Watermelon Pink Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-WRP-S Watermelon Pink Small

8025FVJ-IMP-WRP-XL Watermelon Pink X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-Z21-L Cam Rose Large

8025FVJ-IMP-Z21-M Cam Rose Medium1
8025FVJ-IMP-Z21-S Cam Rose Small

8025FVJ-IMP-Z21-XL Cam Rose X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-Z23-L Brad Large

8025FVJ-IMP-Z23-M Brad Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-Z23-S Brad Small

8025FVJ-IMP-Z23-XL Brad X-Large

8025FVJ-IMP-ZLM-L Zesty Lemon Large

8025FVJ-IMP-ZLM-M Zesty Lemon Medium

8025FVJ-IMP-ZLM-S Zesty Lemon Small

8025FVJ-IMP-ZLM-XL Zesty Lemon X-Large

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Impuls Balega Hidden Comfort Socks
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