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augusta attain wicking shirt

Product Info
Item Number: 2790A Brand: Augusta Sportswear Gender: Men Sizing: Apparel Sizing
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large3X-Large4X-Large5XL6XL
Colors: Black, Columbia Blue, Cardinal, Gold, Dark Green, Graphite, Kelly, Lime, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Power Blue, Royal, Silver, White
MSRP: $7.99
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Looking for high-performance wicking in a T-shirt that won't break the bank? We have a go-to team player for you with the Attain Raglan Sleeve Wicking Tee. Decoration-friendly true hue technology® helps prevent dye migration from screen printing. This 100% polyester wicking tee holds your team's colors longer, workout after workout, event after event, and wash after wash.

100% polyester wicking knit with true hue technology® that helps prevent dye migration
Wicks moisture
Updated fit has longer length and bigger chest for added comfort
Tear away label
Raglan sleeves
Apparel Sizing
Adult Apparel Sizing
CHEST (Inches) 3032 3436 3840 4244 4648 5052 5456 5860 6264 66-68
WAIST (Inches) 2426 2830 3234 3638 4042 4446 4850 5254 5658 60-62
HIP (Inches) 2931 3335 3739 4143 4547 4951 5355 5759 6163
CHEST (Centimeters) 7681 8691 97102 107112 117122 127132 137142 147152 157163 168173
WAIST (Centimeters) 6166 7176 8186 9197 102107 112117 122127 132137 142147 152-158
HIP (Centimeters) 7479 8489 9499 104109 114119 124130 135140 145150 155160

Indicates that item is available through Augusta Sportswear.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
2790AH2R-AUG-B-3XL Black 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-B-4XL Black 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-B-5XL Black 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-B-6XL Black 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-B-L Black Large

2790AH2R-AUG-B-M Black Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-B-S Black Small

2790AH2R-AUG-B-XL Black X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-B-XXL Black 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-3XL Columbia Blue 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-4XL Columbia Blue 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-5XL Columbia Blue 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-6XL Columbia Blue 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-L Columbia Blue Large

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-M Columbia Blue Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-S Columbia Blue Small

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-XL Columbia Blue X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-COL-XXL Columbia Blue 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-3XL Cardinal 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-4XL Cardinal 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-5XL Cardinal 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-6XL Cardinal 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-L Cardinal Large

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-M Cardinal Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-S Cardinal Small

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-XL Cardinal X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-CR-XXL Cardinal 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-D-3XL Gold 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-D-4XL Gold 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-D-5XL Gold 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-D-6XL Gold 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-D-L Gold Large

2790AH2R-AUG-D-M Gold Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-D-S Gold Small

2790AH2R-AUG-D-XL Gold X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-D-XXL Gold 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-3XL Dark Green 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-4XL Dark Green 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-5XL Dark Green 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-6XL Dark Green 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-L Dark Green Large

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-M Dark Green Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-S Dark Green Small

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-XL Dark Green X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-DG-XXL Dark Green 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-3XL Graphite 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-4XL Graphite 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-5XL Graphite 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-6XL Graphite 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-L Graphite Large

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-M Graphite Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-S Graphite Small

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-XL Graphite X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-GPH-XXL Graphite 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-K-3XL Kelly 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-K-4XL Kelly 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-K-5XL Kelly 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-K-6XL Kelly 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-K-L Kelly Large

2790AH2R-AUG-K-M Kelly Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-K-S Kelly Small

2790AH2R-AUG-K-XL Kelly X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-K-XXL Kelly 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-3XL Lime 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-4XL Lime 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-5XL Lime 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-6XL Lime 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-L Lime Large

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-M Lime Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-S Lime Small

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-XL Lime X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-LM-XXL Lime 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-M-3XL Maroon 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-M-4XL Maroon 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-M-5XL Maroon 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-M-6XL Maroon 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-M-L Maroon Large

2790AH2R-AUG-M-M Maroon Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-M-S Maroon Small

2790AH2R-AUG-M-XL Maroon X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-M-XXL Maroon 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-N-3XL Navy 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-N-4XL Navy 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-N-5XL Navy 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-N-6XL Navy 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-N-L Navy Large

2790AH2R-AUG-N-M Navy Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-N-S Navy Small

2790AH2R-AUG-N-XL Navy X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-N-XXL Navy 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-O-3XL Orange 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-O-4XL Orange 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-O-5XL Orange 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-O-6XL Orange 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-O-L Orange Large

2790AH2R-AUG-O-M Orange Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-O-S Orange Small

2790AH2R-AUG-O-XL Orange X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-O-XXL Orange 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-P-3XL Purple 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-P-4XL Purple 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-P-5XL Purple 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-P-6XL Purple 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-P-L Purple Large

2790AH2R-AUG-P-M Purple Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-P-S Purple Small

2790AH2R-AUG-P-XL Purple X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-P-XXL Purple 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-R-3XL Red 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-R-4XL Red 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-R-5XL Red 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-R-6XL Red 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-R-L Red Large

2790AH2R-AUG-R-M Red Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-R-S Red Small

2790AH2R-AUG-R-XL Red X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-R-XXL Red 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-3XL Power Blue 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-4XL Power Blue 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-5XL Power Blue 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-6XL Power Blue 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-L Power Blue Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-M Power Blue Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-S Power Blue Small

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-XL Power Blue X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RLU-XXL Power Blue 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-3XL Royal 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-4XL Royal 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-5XL Royal 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-6XL Royal 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-L Royal Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-M Royal Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-S Royal Small

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-XL Royal X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-RY-XXL Royal 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-3XL Silver 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-4XL Silver 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-5XL Silver 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-6XL Silver 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-L Silver Large

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-M Silver Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-S Silver Small

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-XL Silver X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-SV-XXL Silver 2X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-W-3XL White 3X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-W-4XL White 4X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-W-5XL White 5XL

2790AH2R-AUG-W-6XL White 6XL

2790AH2R-AUG-W-L White Large

2790AH2R-AUG-W-M White Medium

2790AH2R-AUG-W-S White Small

2790AH2R-AUG-W-XL White X-Large

2790AH2R-AUG-W-XXL White 2X-Large

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Augusta Attain Wicking Shirt
Size & Fit


runs small runs large


runs narrow runs wide


runs short runs long
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