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World Class Discus Throw

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Item Number: TD-03454 Brand: Championship
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With Brian Bedard,
Colorado State University Head Coach;
and Casey Malone,
2x Olympian and 2009 USA Outdoor Champion
This discus DVD combines world class coaching with world class demonstrations.

Brian Bedard, one of the world's leading discus throw technicians and Olympic Discus thrower Casey Malone take you through a comprehensive progression for the discus throw.

Following a specifically designed warm-up program for the discus, Coach Bedard jumps right into a breakdown of attaining a proper grip on the disc, a critical skill for attaining consistency and efficiency for every throw.

Bedard moves into the basics of the standing throw. He places a heavy emphasis on proper posture, which effects your ability to convert power into the discus. Bedard then focuses on winding the discus. He teaches (with and without the discus) how to establish proper lines and angles for attaining the proper axis of rotation for throwing efficiency.

Watch as Bedard takes Malone through a series of standing throws. You will learn all the necessary sequencing of movements required to maximize power. Bedard allows you to see each throw through his technical eye, critiquing and correcting any technical deficiency that he observes.

Moving to the pivot turn, or wheel, Bedard's emphasis is on continuous rotation and a relaxed upper body, with the bulk of the work of the turn taking place from the hips down. Malone demonstrates each aspect of the pivot turn and then executes a series of pivot throws, again with critical coaching from Bedard.

A demonstration of the full throw begins with a step-by-step description of each phase. This technical progression includes entrance, posture, wind, entry step to the middle, pivot turn, through a non-reverse throw. Several full throws are demonstrated with breakdown analysis of each included. Bedard also breaks down the skill set needed to perform a reverse throw.

Bedard coaches the throwers through 10 full-speed throws, from both a rear and side view, giving you a detailed breakdown of each. He also presents a problem solving segment that includes seven areas of the discus throw, detailing what the error looks like, sounds like, how to see it and how to resolve it.

As a bonus, Malone, the 2009 USA Outdoor Champion, shares his personal thoughts on how best to approach the event from a mental standpoint.

Build a better discus throw from the basics through advanced technique!

85 minutes. 2010.

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TD-03454 TD-03454

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World Class Discus Throw
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