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Product Info
Item Number: 29MR Brand: JERZEES Product Type: Tees
5.4 oz., 50/50 pre-shrunk cotton/polyester

Oxford is 47/53 cotton/polyester

Advanced moisture management performance
Noticeably softer hand & excellent printability
Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
Double-needle stitched sleeves, bottom hem, and front neck
1x1 ribbed seamless collar
Tearaway label


Indicates that item is available through JERZEES.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
29MRJI0-JER-005-L Black Large

29MRJI0-JER-005-M Black Medium

29MRJI0-JER-005-S Black Small

29MRJI0-JER-005-XL Black X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-005-XXL Black 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-26-L Cardinal Large

29MRJI0-JER-26-M Cardinal Medium

29MRJI0-JER-26-S Cardinal Small

29MRJI0-JER-26-XL Cardinal X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-26-XXL Cardinal 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-81-L Forest Green Large

29MRJI0-JER-81-M Forest Green Medium

29MRJI0-JER-81-S Forest Green Small

29MRJI0-JER-81-XL Forest Green X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-81-XXL Forest Green 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-AQU-L Aquatic Blue Large

29MRJI0-JER-AQU-M Aquatic Blue Medium

29MRJI0-JER-AQU-S Aquatic Blue Small

29MRJI0-JER-AQU-XL Aquatic Blue X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-AQU-XXL Aquatic Blue 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-ASH-L Ash Large

29MRJI0-JER-ASH-M Ash Medium

29MRJI0-JER-ASH-S Ash Small

29MRJI0-JER-ASH-XL Ash X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-ASH-XXL Ash 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-ATH-L Athletic Heather Large

29MRJI0-JER-ATH-M Athletic Heather Medium

29MRJI0-JER-ATH-S Athletic Heather Small

29MRJI0-JER-ATH-XL Athletic Heather X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-ATH-XXL Athletic Heather 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-AZA-L Azalea Large

29MRJI0-JER-AZA-M Azalea Medium

29MRJI0-JER-AZA-S Azalea Small

29MRJI0-JER-AZA-XL Azalea X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-AZA-XXL Azalea 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-BHE-L Black Heather Large

29MRJI0-JER-BHE-M Black Heather Medium

29MRJI0-JER-BHE-S Black Heather Small

29MRJI0-JER-BHE-XL Black Heather X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-BHE-XXL Black Heather 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-BTO-L Burnt Orange Large

29MRJI0-JER-BTO-M Burnt Orange Medium

29MRJI0-JER-BTO-S Burnt Orange Small

29MRJI0-JER-BTO-XL Burnt Orange X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-BTO-XXL Burnt Orange 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CAL-L California Blue Large

29MRJI0-JER-CAL-M California Blue Medium

29MRJI0-JER-CAL-S California Blue Small

29MRJI0-JER-CAL-XL California Blue X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CAL-XXL California Blue 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CHG-L Charcoal Grey Large

29MRJI0-JER-CHG-M Charcoal Grey Medium

29MRJI0-JER-CHG-S Charcoal Grey Small

29MRJI0-JER-CHG-XL Charcoal Grey X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CHG-XXL Charcoal Grey 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CHO-L Chocolate Large

29MRJI0-JER-CHO-M Chocolate Medium

29MRJI0-JER-CHO-S Chocolate Small

29MRJI0-JER-CHO-XL Chocolate X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CHO-XXL Chocolate 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CM-L Cool Mint Large

29MRJI0-JER-CM-M Cool Mint Medium

29MRJI0-JER-CM-S Cool Mint Small

29MRJI0-JER-CM-XL Cool Mint X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CM-XXL Cool Mint 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-COL-L Columbia Blue Large

29MRJI0-JER-COL-M Columbia Blue Medium

29MRJI0-JER-COL-S Columbia Blue Small

29MRJI0-JER-COL-XL Columbia Blue X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-COL-XXL Columbia Blue 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CP6-L Classic Pink Large

29MRJI0-JER-CP6-M Classic Pink Medium

29MRJI0-JER-CP6-S Classic Pink Small

29MRJI0-JER-CP6-XL Classic Pink X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CP6-XXL Classic Pink 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CRI-L Crimson Large

29MRJI0-JER-CRI-M Crimson Medium

29MRJI0-JER-CRI-S Crimson Small

29MRJI0-JER-CRI-XL Crimson X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CRI-XXL Crimson 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CY9-L Cyber Pink Large

29MRJI0-JER-CY9-M Cyber Pink Medium

29MRJI0-JER-CY9-S Cyber Pink Small

29MRJI0-JER-CY9-XL Cyber Pink X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-CY9-XXL Cyber Pink 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-D-L Gold Large

29MRJI0-JER-D-M Gold Medium

29MRJI0-JER-D-S Gold Small

29MRJI0-JER-D-XL Gold X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-D-XXL Gold 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-DP-L Deep Purple Large

29MRJI0-JER-DP-M Deep Purple Medium

29MRJI0-JER-DP-S Deep Purple Small

29MRJI0-JER-DP-XL Deep Purple X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-DP-XXL Deep Purple 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-IGH-L Irish Green Heather Large

29MRJI0-JER-IGH-M Irish Green Heather Medium

29MRJI0-JER-IGH-S Irish Green Heather Small

29MRJI0-JER-IGH-XL Irish Green Heather X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-IGH-XXL Irish Green Heather 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-IYE-L Island Yellow Large

29MRJI0-JER-IYE-M Island Yellow Medium

29MRJI0-JER-IYE-S Island Yellow Small

29MRJI0-JER-IYE-XL Island Yellow X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-IYE-XXL Island Yellow 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-JAD-L Jade Large

29MRJI0-JER-JAD-M Jade Medium

29MRJI0-JER-JAD-S Jade Small

29MRJI0-JER-JAD-XL Jade X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-JAD-XXL Jade 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-K-L Kelly Large

29MRJI0-JER-K-M Kelly Medium

29MRJI0-JER-K-S Kelly Small

29MRJI0-JER-K-XL Kelly X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-K-XXL Kelly 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-KH-L Khaki Large

29MRJI0-JER-KH-M Khaki Medium

29MRJI0-JER-KH-S Khaki Small

29MRJI0-JER-KH-XL Khaki X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-KH-XXL Khaki 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-KIW-L Kiwi Large

29MRJI0-JER-KIW-M Kiwi Medium

29MRJI0-JER-KIW-S Kiwi Small

29MRJI0-JER-KIW-XL Kiwi X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-KIW-XXL Kiwi 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-LB-L Light Blue Large

29MRJI0-JER-LB-M Light Blue Medium

29MRJI0-JER-LB-S Light Blue Small

29MRJI0-JER-LB-XL Light Blue X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-LB-XXL Light Blue 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-M-L Maroon Large

29MRJI0-JER-M-M Maroon Medium

29MRJI0-JER-M-S Maroon Small

29MRJI0-JER-M-XL Maroon X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-M-XXL Maroon 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-MIL-L Military Green Large

29MRJI0-JER-MIL-M Military Green Medium

29MRJI0-JER-MIL-S Military Green Small

29MRJI0-JER-MIL-XL Military Green X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-MIL-XXL Military Green 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-N-L Navy Large

29MRJI0-JER-N-M Navy Medium

29MRJI0-JER-N-S Navy Small

29MRJI0-JER-N-XL Navy X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-N-XXL Navy 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEG-L Neon Green Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEG-M Neon Green Medium

29MRJI0-JER-NEG-S Neon Green Small

29MRJI0-JER-NEG-XL Neon Green X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEG-XXL Neon Green 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEP-L Neon Pink Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEP-M Neon Pink Medium

29MRJI0-JER-NEP-S Neon Pink Small

29MRJI0-JER-NEP-XL Neon Pink X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEP-XXL Neon Pink 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEY-L Neon Yellow Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEY-M Neon Yellow Medium

29MRJI0-JER-NEY-S Neon Yellow Small

29MRJI0-JER-NEY-XL Neon Yellow X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-NEY-XXL Neon Yellow 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-OX-L Oxford Large

29MRJI0-JER-OX-M Oxford Medium

29MRJI0-JER-OX-S Oxford Small

29MRJI0-JER-OX-XL Oxford X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-OX-XXL Oxford 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-RY-L Royal Large

29MRJI0-JER-RY-M Royal Medium

29MRJI0-JER-RY-S Royal Small

29MRJI0-JER-RY-XL Royal X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-RY-XXL Royal 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SCU-L Scuba Blue Large

29MRJI0-JER-SCU-M Scuba Blue Medium

29MRJI0-JER-SCU-S Scuba Blue Small

29MRJI0-JER-SCU-XL Scuba Blue X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SCU-XXL Scuba Blue 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SFG-L Safety Green Large

29MRJI0-JER-SFG-M Safety Green Medium

29MRJI0-JER-SFG-S Safety Green Small

29MRJI0-JER-SFG-XL Safety Green X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SFG-XXL Safety Green 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SFO-L Safety Orange Large

29MRJI0-JER-SFO-M Safety Orange Medium

29MRJI0-JER-SFO-S Safety Orange Small

29MRJI0-JER-SFO-XL Safety Orange X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SFO-XXL Safety Orange 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SLV-L Silver Large

29MRJI0-JER-SLV-M Silver Medium

29MRJI0-JER-SLV-S Silver Small

29MRJI0-JER-SLV-XL Silver X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SLV-XXL Silver 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SS0-L Sandstone Large

29MRJI0-JER-SS0-M Sandstone Medium

29MRJI0-JER-SS0-S Sandstone Small

29MRJI0-JER-SS0-XL Sandstone X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-SS0-XXL Sandstone 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-TNO-L Tennessee Orange Large

29MRJI0-JER-TNO-M Tennessee Orange Medium

29MRJI0-JER-TNO-S Tennessee Orange Small

29MRJI0-JER-TNO-XL Tennessee Orange X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-TNO-XXL Tennessee Orange 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-TXO-L Texas Orange Large

29MRJI0-JER-TXO-M Texas Orange Medium

29MRJI0-JER-TXO-S Texas Orange Small

29MRJI0-JER-TXO-XL Texas Orange X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-TXO-XXL Texas Orange 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VH6-L Vintage Heather Red Large

29MRJI0-JER-VH6-M Vintage Heather Red Medium

29MRJI0-JER-VH6-S Vintage Heather Red Small

29MRJI0-JER-VH6-XL Vintage Heather Red X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VH6-XXL Vintage Heather Red 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHB-L Vintage Heather Blue Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHB-M Vintage Heather Blue Medium

29MRJI0-JER-VHB-S Vintage Heather Blue Small

29MRJI0-JER-VHB-XL Vintage Heather Blue X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHB-XXL Vintage Heather Blue 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHM-L Vintage Heather Maroon Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHM-M Vintage Heather Maroon Medium

29MRJI0-JER-VHM-S Vintage Heather Maroon Small

29MRJI0-JER-VHM-XL Vintage Heather Maroon X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHM-XXL Vintage Heather Maroon 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHN-L Vintage Heather Navy Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHN-M Vintage Heather Navy Medium

29MRJI0-JER-VHN-S Vintage Heather Navy Small

29MRJI0-JER-VHN-XL Vintage Heather Navy X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-VHN-XXL Vintage Heather Navy 2X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-W-L White Large

29MRJI0-JER-W-M White Medium

29MRJI0-JER-W-S White Small

29MRJI0-JER-W-XL White X-Large

29MRJI0-JER-W-XXL White 2X-Large

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Jerzees Dri Power 50/50 T Shirt
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