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holloway flux youth jacket holloway scar

Product Info
Item Number: 229668 Brand: Holloway Gender: Youth Product Type: Jackets

Temp-Sof fabric is a colored heather performance fleece with high mechanical stretch and a bird's-eye flecked surface
Wik-Sof™ dry-Excel™ inserts
Woven label
Contrast two color front zipper and side pocket zippers
Welded silicone tape accents at shoulders
Dual inside pockets
Raglan sleeves for maximum mobility
Contrast color front pocket zippers
Self-fabric cuffs
Open bottom with adjustable elastic hidden drawcord on Adult only

Indicates that item is available through Holloway.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
229668GSI-HOL-BDW-YL Black/Gold/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-BDW-YM Black/Gold/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-BDW-YS Black/Gold/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-BDW-YXL Black/Gold/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-BOW-YL Black/Orange/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-BOW-YM Black/Orange/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-BOW-YS Black/Orange/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-BOW-YXL Black/Orange/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-BQW-YL Black/Scarlet/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-BQW-YM Black/Scarlet/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-BQW-YS Black/Scarlet/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-BQW-YXL Black/Scarlet/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-BVW-YL Black/Vegas Gold/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-BVW-YM Black/Vegas Gold/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-BVW-YS Black/Vegas Gold/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-BVW-YXL Black/Vegas Gold/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-BW-YL Black/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-BW-YM Black/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-BW-YS Black/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-BW-YXL Black/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-MBW-YL Maroon/Black/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-MBW-YM Maroon/Black/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-MBW-YS Maroon/Black/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-MBW-YXL Maroon/Black/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-NDW-YL Navy/Gold/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-NDW-YM Navy/Gold/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-NDW-YS Navy/Gold/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-NDW-YXL Navy/Gold/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-NQW-YL Navy/Scarlet/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-NQW-YM Navy/Scarlet/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-NQW-YS Navy/Scarlet/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-NQW-YXL Navy/Scarlet/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-NVW-YL Navy/Vegas Gold/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-NVW-YM Navy/Vegas Gold/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-NVW-YS Navy/Vegas Gold/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-NVW-YXL Navy/Vegas Gold/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-NW-YL Navy/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-NW-YM Navy/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-NW-YS Navy/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-NW-YXL Navy/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-QBW-YL Scarlet/Black/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-QBW-YM Scarlet/Black/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-QBW-YS Scarlet/Black/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-QBW-YXL Scarlet/Black/White Youth X-Large

229668GSI-HOL-RYB-YL Royal/Black/White Youth Large

229668GSI-HOL-RYB-YM Royal/Black/White Youth Medium

229668GSI-HOL-RYB-YS Royal/Black/White Youth Small

229668GSI-HOL-RYB-YXL Royal/Black/White Youth X-Large

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Holloway Flux Youth Jacket
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