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mizuno wave creation 20 mens mizuno trad

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Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Mens - Tradewinds Black - 7Tradewinds Black 7SIZE7.5SIZE8SIZE8.5SIZE9SIZE9.5SIZE10SIZE10.5SIZE11SIZE11.5SIZE12SIZE12.5SIZE13SIZE14SIZE15SIZE
Price: $160.00
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Product Info
Item Number: 411060 Brand: Mizuno Gender: Men
Designed and engineered for longer runs that take you beyond your limits, the 20th version of the Wave Creation comes with an all new Infinity Wave. Taking cushioning to a whole new level, this shoe is softer, bouncier and more responsive than its predecesors. Also comes in an anniversary WAVEKNIT model with a dynamic, socklike fit for a new way to enjoy this Mizuno classic.

Blown Rubber Outsole
PEBAX Wave Plate
New Premium Sockliner
Weight: 13.6 oz (size 9)
Drop: 15 mm (10 mm Effective Drop)

Indicates that item is available through Mizuno.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-10 Tradewinds Black 10

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-105 Tradewinds Black 10.5

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-11 Tradewinds Black 11

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-115 Tradewinds Black 11.5

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-12 Tradewinds Black 12

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-125 Tradewinds Black 12.5

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-13 Tradewinds Black 13

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-14 Tradewinds Black 14

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-15 Tradewinds Black 15

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-7 Tradewinds Black 7

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-7.5 Tradewinds Black 7.5

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-8 Tradewinds Black 8

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-8.5 Tradewinds Black 8.5

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-9 Tradewinds Black 9

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-9.5 Tradewinds Black 9.5

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-10 Stormy Silver 10

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-105 Stormy Silver 10.5

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-11 Stormy Silver 11

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-115 Stormy Silver 11.5

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-12 Stormy Silver 12

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-125 Stormy Silver 12.5

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-13 Stormy Silver 13

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-14 Stormy Silver 14

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-15 Stormy Silver 15

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-7 Stormy Silver 7

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-7.5 Stormy Silver 7.5

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-8 Stormy Silver 8

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-8.5 Stormy Silver 8.5

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-9 Stormy Silver 9

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-9.5 Stormy Silver 9.5

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-10 Phantom Castler 10

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-105 Phantom Castler 10.5

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-11 Phantom Castler 11

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-115 Phantom Castler 11.5

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-12 Phantom Castler 12

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-125 Phantom Castler 12.5

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-13 Phantom Castler 13

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-14 Phantom Castler 14

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-15 Phantom Castler 15

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-7 Phantom Castler 7

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-7.5 Phantom Castler 7.5

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-8 Phantom Castler 8

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-8.5 Phantom Castler 8.5

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-9 Phantom Castler 9

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-9.5 Phantom Castler 9.5

411060KP1-MIZ-B-10 Black 10

411060KP1-MIZ-B-105 Black 10.5

411060KP1-MIZ-B-11 Black 11

411060KP1-MIZ-B-115 Black 11.5

411060KP1-MIZ-B-12 Black 12

411060KP1-MIZ-B-125 Black 12.5

411060KP1-MIZ-B-13 Black 13

411060KP1-MIZ-B-14 Black 14

411060KP1-MIZ-B-15 Black 15

411060KP1-MIZ-B-7 Black 7

411060KP1-MIZ-B-7.5 Black 7.5

411060KP1-MIZ-B-8 Black 8

411060KP1-MIZ-B-8.5 Black 8.5

411060KP1-MIZ-B-9 Black 9

411060KP1-MIZ-B-9.5 Black 9.5

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Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Mens
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