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asics women's low-cut short

Product Info
Item Number: BT752 Brand: Asics Gender: Women Product Type: Volleyball Shorts
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 2X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large
Colors: Atomic Blue, Black, Cardinal, Forest Green, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Pink Glo, Red, Royal, Steel Grey, Wow
Price: $28.00
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Asics Women’s Low-Cut Short

90% Nylon/10% Lycra® spandex
Flat seam stitching
CoolMax® crotch gusset
Excellent muscle support moves freely without restriction or chafing
2.5" inseam.

Orange (15), Red (23), Cardinal (26), Royal (43),
Navy (50), Purple (63), Forest (81), Black (90), Pink (25)

Indicates that item is available through Asics.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
BT7520VN-ASC-ATB-L Atomic Blue Large

BT7520VN-ASC-ATB-M Atomic Blue Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-ATB-S Atomic Blue Small

BT7520VN-ASC-ATB-XL Atomic Blue X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-ATB-XS Atomic Blue X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-ATB-xxs Atomic Blue 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-B-L Black Large

BT7520VN-ASC-B-M Black Medium7
BT7520VN-ASC-B-S Black Small19
BT7520VN-ASC-B-XL Black X-Large2
BT7520VN-ASC-B-XS Black X-Small13
BT7520VN-ASC-B-xxs Black 2X-Small19
BT7520VN-ASC-CR-L Cardinal Large

BT7520VN-ASC-CR-M Cardinal Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-CR-S Cardinal Small

BT7520VN-ASC-CR-XL Cardinal X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-CR-XS Cardinal X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-CR-xxs Cardinal 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-F-L Forest Green Large

BT7520VN-ASC-F-M Forest Green Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-F-S Forest Green Small

BT7520VN-ASC-F-XL Forest Green X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-F-XS Forest Green X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-F-xxs Forest Green 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-M-L Maroon Large1
BT7520VN-ASC-M-M Maroon Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-M-S Maroon Small

BT7520VN-ASC-M-XL Maroon X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-M-XS Maroon X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-M-xxs Maroon 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-N-L Navy Large5
BT7520VN-ASC-N-M Navy Medium1
BT7520VN-ASC-N-S Navy Small20
BT7520VN-ASC-N-XL Navy X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-N-XS Navy X-Small9
BT7520VN-ASC-N-xxs Navy 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-O-L Orange Large

BT7520VN-ASC-O-M Orange Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-O-S Orange Small

BT7520VN-ASC-O-XL Orange X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-O-XS Orange X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-O-xxs Orange 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-P-L Purple Large

BT7520VN-ASC-P-M Purple Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-P-S Purple Small

BT7520VN-ASC-P-XL Purple X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-P-XS Purple X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-P-xxs Purple 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-PGL-L Pink Glo Large

BT7520VN-ASC-PGL-M Pink Glo Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-PGL-S Pink Glo Small

BT7520VN-ASC-PGL-XL Pink Glo X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-PGL-XS Pink Glo X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-PGL-xxs Pink Glo 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-PI-L Pink Large1
BT7520VN-ASC-PI-M Pink Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-PI-S Pink Small

BT7520VN-ASC-PI-XL Pink X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-PI-XS Pink X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-PI-xxs Pink 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-R-L Red Large

BT7520VN-ASC-R-M Red Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-R-S Red Small

BT7520VN-ASC-R-XL Red X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-R-XS Red X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-R-xxs Red 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-RY-L Royal Large

BT7520VN-ASC-RY-M Royal Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-RY-S Royal Small

BT7520VN-ASC-RY-XL Royal X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-RY-XS Royal X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-RY-xxs Royal 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-SEE-L Steel Grey Large

BT7520VN-ASC-SEE-M Steel Grey Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-SEE-S Steel Grey Small

BT7520VN-ASC-SEE-XL Steel Grey X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-SEE-XS Steel Grey X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-SEE-xxs Steel Grey 2X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-WOW-L Wow Large

BT7520VN-ASC-WOW-M Wow Medium

BT7520VN-ASC-WOW-S Wow Small

BT7520VN-ASC-WOW-XL Wow X-Large

BT7520VN-ASC-WOW-XS Wow X-Small

BT7520VN-ASC-WOW-xxs Wow 2X-Small

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Asics Women's Low-Cut Short
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