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adidas climalite techfit 4" women's shor

Product Info
Item Number: ADIV0706 Brand: Adidas Gender: Women Product Type: Volleyball Shorts
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: X-SmallMediumLargeX-Large2X-Large2xs
Colors: Black, Black Youth, Coll Burgundy, Coll Navy Girls, Coll Purple, Coll Royal, Dark Green, Maroon, Power Red, Shocking Pink, White
Price: $30.00
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The Team Climalite Techfit Shorts by adidas are designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

Climalite wicks sweat to keep you dry and light.
TechFit for a reliable, comfortable fit.
Elastic waist.
Built-in gusset for fit and comfort.
90% polyester/10% spandex. 4" inseam. Imported.

Indicates that item is available through Adidas.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-B-L Black Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-B-M Black Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-B-S Black Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-B-XL Black X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-B-XS Black X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-B-XXL Black 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-BY4-2xs Black Youth 2xs

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-BY4-L Black Youth Large2
ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-BY4-M Black Youth Medium2
ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-BY4-S Black Youth Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-BY4-XL Black Youth X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-BY4-XS Black Youth X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-BY4-XXL Black Youth 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-C0B-L Coll Burgundy Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-C0B-M Coll Burgundy Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-C0B-S Coll Burgundy Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-C0B-XL Coll Burgundy X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-C0B-XS Coll Burgundy X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-C0B-XXL Coll Burgundy 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CNG-2xs Coll Navy Girls 2xs

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CNG-L Coll Navy Girls Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CNG-M Coll Navy Girls Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CNG-S Coll Navy Girls Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CNG-XL Coll Navy Girls X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CNG-XS Coll Navy Girls X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CNG-XXL Coll Navy Girls 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoN-L Coll Navy Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoN-M Coll Navy Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoN-S Coll Navy Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoN-XL Coll Navy X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoN-XS Coll Navy X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoN-XXL Coll Navy 2X-Large1
ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoU-L Coll Purple Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoU-M Coll Purple Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoU-S Coll Purple Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoU-XL Coll Purple X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoU-XS Coll Purple X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-CoU-XXL Coll Purple 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-Coy-L Coll Royal Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-Coy-M Coll Royal Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-Coy-S Coll Royal Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-Coy-XL Coll Royal X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-Coy-XS Coll Royal X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-Coy-XXL Coll Royal 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-DG-L Dark Green Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-DG-M Dark Green Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-DG-S Dark Green Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-DG-XL Dark Green X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-DG-XS Dark Green X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-DG-XXL Dark Green 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-M-L Maroon Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-M-M Maroon Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-M-S Maroon Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-M-XL Maroon X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-M-XS Maroon X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-M-XXL Maroon 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-PRR-L Power Red Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-PRR-M Power Red Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-PRR-S Power Red Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-PRR-XL Power Red X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-PRR-XS Power Red X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-PRR-XXL Power Red 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-sk9-L Shocking Pink Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-sk9-M Shocking Pink Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-sk9-S Shocking Pink Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-sk9-XL Shocking Pink X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-sk9-XS Shocking Pink X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-sk9-XXL Shocking Pink 2X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-W-L White Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-W-M White Medium

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-W-S White Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-W-XL White X-Large

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-W-XS White X-Small

ADIV0706F7Y-ADI-W-XXL White 2X-Large

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Adidas Climalite Techfit 4 Women's Shor
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