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ua unrivaled crew sock

Product Info
Item Number: 1291915 Brand: Under Armour Product Type: Socks
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: Youth LargeMediumX-Large
Colors: Black, Cardinal, Gold, Green, Graphite, Midnight Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal, Tropic Pink, White
Price: $14.99
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UA athletic socks provides superior comfort and support
Left/Right Technology provides a true anatomical fit
True Seamless Toe reduces chafing and irritation
Strategic Cushion protects your feet from high-impact
Embedded Arch Support reduces foot fatigue
ArmourDry™ material wicks moisture from the feet
Wicking material accelerates evaporation to keep feet dry
ArmourBlock® technology prevents odor-causing bacteria
Fabric: 54% polyester, 21% cotton, 4% spandex
Style: U360-MD, U360-LG, U360-XL
Under Armour

Indicates that item is available through Under Armour.
Item ModelItem NumberManufacturerColorSizeAvailable
1291915F9Z-UA-B-LUnder ArmourBlackLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-B-MUnder ArmourBlackMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-B-XLUnder ArmourBlackX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-B-YLUnder ArmourBlackYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-CR-LUnder ArmourCardinalLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-CR-MUnder ArmourCardinalMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-CR-XLUnder ArmourCardinalX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-CR-YLUnder ArmourCardinalYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-D-LUnder ArmourGoldLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-D-MUnder ArmourGoldMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-D-XLUnder ArmourGoldX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-D-YLUnder ArmourGoldYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-GPH-LUnder ArmourGraphiteLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-GPH-MUnder ArmourGraphiteMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-GPH-XLUnder ArmourGraphiteX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-GPH-YLUnder ArmourGraphiteYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-G-LUnder ArmourGreenLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-G-MUnder ArmourGreenMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-G-XLUnder ArmourGreenX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-G-YLUnder ArmourGreenYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-MII-LUnder ArmourMidnight Navy Large

1291915F9Z-UA-MII-MUnder ArmourMidnight Navy Medium

1291915F9Z-UA-MII-XLUnder ArmourMidnight Navy X-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-MII-YLUnder ArmourMidnight Navy Youth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-O-LUnder ArmourOrangeLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-O-MUnder ArmourOrangeMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-O-XLUnder ArmourOrangeX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-O-YLUnder ArmourOrangeYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-P-LUnder ArmourPurpleLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-P-MUnder ArmourPurpleMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-P-XLUnder ArmourPurpleX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-P-YLUnder ArmourPurpleYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-R-LUnder ArmourRedLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-R-MUnder ArmourRedMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-R-XLUnder ArmourRedX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-R-YLUnder ArmourRedYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-RY-LUnder ArmourRoyalLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-RY-MUnder ArmourRoyalMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-RY-XLUnder ArmourRoyalX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-RY-YLUnder ArmourRoyalYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-TPK-LUnder ArmourTropic PinkLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-TPK-MUnder ArmourTropic PinkMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-TPK-XLUnder ArmourTropic PinkX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-TPK-YLUnder ArmourTropic PinkYouth Large

1291915F9Z-UA-W-LUnder ArmourWhiteLarge

1291915F9Z-UA-W-MUnder ArmourWhiteMedium

1291915F9Z-UA-W-XLUnder ArmourWhiteX-Large

1291915F9Z-UA-W-YLUnder ArmourWhiteYouth Large

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UA Unrivaled Crew Sock
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