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nike poly color surge fastback tank

Product Info
Item Number: NESS7051 Brand: Nike Swim Gender: Women Product Type: Competition Suits
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 202224262830323436384042
Colors: Black, Court Green, Game Royal, Varsity Maize/Navy, Red/Navy, University Red
Price: $84.00
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Nike Performance Poly

Designed to perform in and out of the pool, Nike Performance Poly offers superior comfort and a lightweight fit. Created from durable performance polyester, Nike Performance Poly is designed for long sessions in chlorinated water and its stay-fast color and stretch-resistance means you look good day in and day out.

The Nike Women's Poly Color Surge Fastback One-Piece Swimsuit boasts a streamlined profile for a comfortable fit that helps you glide through the water.
More Benefits

Conservative back
Wide straps for superior performance
High neckline
Engineered with Nike Performance Poly, a durable long-lasting performance polyester
Superior comfort & lightweight fit
Engineered for long sessions in chlorinated water
Stay-fast color & excellent shape retention

Indicates that item is available through Nike Swim.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-20 Black 20

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-22 Black 22

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-24 Black 24

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-26 Black 26

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-28 Black 28

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-30 Black 30

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-32 Black 32

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-34 Black 34

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-36 Black 36

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-38 Black 38

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-40 Black 40

NESS7051G2V-NKE-B-42 Black 42

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-20 Court Green 20

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-22 Court Green 22

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-24 Court Green 24

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-26 Court Green 26

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-28 Court Green 28

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-30 Court Green 30

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-32 Court Green 32

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-34 Court Green 34

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-36 Court Green 36

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-38 Court Green 38

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-40 Court Green 40

NESS7051G2V-NKE-CGN-42 Court Green 42

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-20 Game Royal 20

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-22 Game Royal 22

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-24 Game Royal 24

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-26 Game Royal 26

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-28 Game Royal 28

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-30 Game Royal 30

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-32 Game Royal 32

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-34 Game Royal 34

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-36 Game Royal 36

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-38 Game Royal 38

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-40 Game Royal 40

NESS7051G2V-NKE-GAR-42 Game Royal 42

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-20 Varsity Maize/Navy 20

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-22 Varsity Maize/Navy 22

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-24 Varsity Maize/Navy 24

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-26 Varsity Maize/Navy 26

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-28 Varsity Maize/Navy 281
NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-30 Varsity Maize/Navy 303
NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-32 Varsity Maize/Navy 32

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-34 Varsity Maize/Navy 341
NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-36 Varsity Maize/Navy 361
NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-38 Varsity Maize/Navy 38

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-40 Varsity Maize/Navy 40

NESS7051G2V-NKE-MZN-42 Varsity Maize/Navy 42

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-20 Red/Navy 20

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-22 Red/Navy 22

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-24 Red/Navy 24

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-26 Red/Navy 26

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-28 Red/Navy 28

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-30 Red/Navy 30

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-32 Red/Navy 32

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-34 Red/Navy 34

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-36 Red/Navy 36

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-38 Red/Navy 38

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-40 Red/Navy 40

NESS7051G2V-NKE-RN-42 Red/Navy 42

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-20 University Red 20

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-22 University Red 22

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-24 University Red 24

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-26 University Red 26

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-28 University Red 28

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-30 University Red 30

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-32 University Red 32

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-34 University Red 34

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-36 University Red 36

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-38 University Red 38

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-40 University Red 40

NESS7051G2V-NKE-UR-42 University Red 42

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Nike Poly Color Surge Fastback Tank
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