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  Sprinting the Jamaican Way: Relay
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With Maurice Wilson,
Jamaican National Track & Field Team Assistant Coach (Sprints) at the 2008 and 2004 Olympic Games and in four World Championships;
Head Coach to the 2002 and 2001 Jamaican World Junior Teams;
Head Girls Track Coach at Holmwood Technical High School in Manchester (JA) where his squads have taken seven consecutive girls National Championships
Your relays can be a source of team pride, cohesiveness and camaraderie-and you can score more points! Jamaican sprint coach Maurice Wilson presents a comprehensive guide to maximize your sprint relays.

Begin with the end in mind! Wilson believes that success in the relays requires a season-long commitment to relay training. To assist you in planning for relay success, he includes a seasonal overview of his relay progression, as well as a microcycle for dedicated relay training days during the seasonal phases.

Relay tactics such as proper runner placement play a significant role in relay success. Wilson provides the criteria for each leg of the relay to help you build a successful, cohesive unit by putting the right people in the right positions.

Relay success hinges on careful handling of the baton from the first to the last runner. Wilson demonstrates specific hand positioning and start techniques for the leadoff start as well as skills for handling the baton at each exchange. He offers several baton exchange drills to enhance the performance of the push pass exchange, including a tutorial on how to create exchange zones.

Wilson shares all aspects of successful push pass exchanges for the 4x100 relay, the 4x200 relay and the 4x400 visual exchange. In addition, he demonstrates how to add chaos to the exchange drills to better prepare your team for competition.

As an added bonus, Wilson analyzes four different 4x100 national competition relays, breaking down the legs of each relay to show the challenges of perfecting the push pass.

Enhance the success rate of your relay teams with proven techniques from a world-renowned coach. Order your copy of "Sprinting the Jamaican Way: Relay Technique, Drills, & Strategies" today!

2010. 34 minutes

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