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men's ua yard low mt baseball cleats

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Men's UA Yard Low MT Baseball Cleats - Black - 6.5Black 6.5SIZE7SIZE7.5SIZE8SIZE8.5SIZE9SIZE9.5SIZE10SIZE10.5SIZE11SIZE11.5SIZE12SIZE12.5SIZE13SIZE14SIZE15SIZE16SIZE
Price: $95.00
Product Info
Item Number: 3025592 Brand: Under Armour Gender: Men
Updated plush heel, engineered textile forefoot & breathable toe box make it fit & feel like a sneaker
TPU cage for added stability during lateral movements
Toe drag protection & strategic TPU overlays in high-abrasion areas for durability that lasts all season
Molded Ortholite™ sockliner maintains compression set for long-lasting comfort & improved traction
Charged Cushioning® midsole converts impact into explosive speed & power on the diamond
New UA Microtips technology provides comfort, more traction & less weight underfoot
10 strategically placed cleats on perimeter for more points of ground contact to reduce cleat pressure

Indicates that item is available through Under Armour.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
3025592LX8-UA-B-10 Black 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-105 Black 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-B-11 Black 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-115 Black 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-B-12 Black 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-125 Black 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-B-13 Black 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-14 Black 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-15 Black 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-16 Black 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-6.5 Black 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-B-7 Black 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-7.5 Black 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-B-8 Black 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-8.5 Black 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-B-9 Black 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-B-9.5 Black 9.5M/11W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-10 Baseball Grey 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-105 Baseball Grey 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-11 Baseball Grey 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-115 Baseball Grey 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-12 Baseball Grey 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-125 Baseball Grey 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-13 Baseball Grey 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-14 Baseball Grey 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-15 Baseball Grey 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-16 Baseball Grey 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-6.5 Baseball Grey 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-7 Baseball Grey 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-7.5 Baseball Grey 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-8 Baseball Grey 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-8.5 Baseball Grey 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-9 Baseball Grey 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BBG-9.5 Baseball Grey 9.5M/11W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-10 Black/White 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-105 Black/White 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-11 Black/White 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-115 Black/White 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-12 Black/White 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-125 Black/White 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-13 Black/White 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-14 Black/White 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-15 Black/White 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-16 Black/White 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-6.5 Black/White 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-7 Black/White 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-7.5 Black/White 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-8 Black/White 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-8.5 Black/White 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-9 Black/White 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-BW-9.5 Black/White 9.5M/11W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-10 Cardinal 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-105 Cardinal 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-11 Cardinal 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-115 Cardinal 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-12 Cardinal 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-125 Cardinal 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-13 Cardinal 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-14 Cardinal 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-15 Cardinal 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-16 Cardinal 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-6.5 Cardinal 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-7 Cardinal 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-7.5 Cardinal 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-8 Cardinal 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-8.5 Cardinal 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-9 Cardinal 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-CR-9.5 Cardinal 9.5M/11W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-10 Midnight Navy 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-105 Midnight Navy 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-11 Midnight Navy 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-115 Midnight Navy 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-12 Midnight Navy 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-125 Midnight Navy 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-13 Midnight Navy 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-14 Midnight Navy 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-15 Midnight Navy 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-16 Midnight Navy 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-6.5 Midnight Navy 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-7 Midnight Navy 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-7.5 Midnight Navy 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-8 Midnight Navy 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-8.5 Midnight Navy 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-9 Midnight Navy 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-MII-9.5 Midnight Navy 9.5M/11W

3025592LX8-UA-R-10 Red 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-105 Red 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-R-11 Red 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-115 Red 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-R-12 Red 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-125 Red 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-R-13 Red 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-14 Red 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-15 Red 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-16 Red 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-6.5 Red 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-R-7 Red 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-7.5 Red 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-R-8 Red 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-8.5 Red 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-R-9 Red 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-R-9.5 Red 9.5M/11W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-10 Royal 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-105 Royal 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-11 Royal 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-115 Royal 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-12 Royal 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-125 Royal 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-13 Royal 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-14 Royal 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-15 Royal 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-16 Royal 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-6.5 Royal 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-7 Royal 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-7.5 Royal 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-8 Royal 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-8.5 Royal 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-9 Royal 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-RY-9.5 Royal 9.5M/11W

3025592LX8-UA-W-10 White 10M/11.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-105 White 10.5M/12W

3025592LX8-UA-W-11 White 11M/12.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-115 White 11.5M/13W

3025592LX8-UA-W-12 White 12M/13.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-125 White 12.5M/14W

3025592LX8-UA-W-13 White 13M/14.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-14 White 14M/15.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-15 White 15M/16.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-16 White 16M/17.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-6.5 White 6.5M/8W

3025592LX8-UA-W-7 White 7M/8.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-7.5 White 7.5M/9W

3025592LX8-UA-W-8 White 8M/9.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-8.5 White 8.5M/10W

3025592LX8-UA-W-9 White 9M/10.5W

3025592LX8-UA-W-9.5 White 9.5M/11W

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Men's UA Yard Low MT Baseball Cleats
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