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mizuno wave creation 20 mens mizuno blac

Product Info
Item Number: 411060 Brand: Mizuno Gender: Men Product Type: Neutral Sizing: Shoe Size
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 77.588.599.51010.51111.51212.5131415
Colors: Tradewinds Black, Stormy Silver, Phantom Castler
Price: $160.00
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2 Quantity 

available through Mizuno.
Designed and engineered for longer runs that take you beyond your limits, the 20th version of the Wave Creation comes with an all new Infinity Wave. Taking cushioning to a whole new level, this shoe is softer, bouncier and more responsive than its predecesors. Also comes in an anniversary WAVEKNIT model with a dynamic, socklike fit for a new way to enjoy this Mizuno classic.

Blown Rubber Outsole
PEBAX Wave Plate
New Premium Sockliner
Weight: 13.6 oz (size 9)
Drop: 15 mm (10 mm Effective Drop)
Shoe Size
Shoe Sizes
USA Men's 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12.5 13 14 15
USA Women's 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5 12        

Indicates that item is available through Mizuno.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-10 Tradewinds Black 10M/11.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-105 Tradewinds Black 10.5M/12W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-11 Tradewinds Black 11M/12.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-115 Tradewinds Black 11.5M/13W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-12 Tradewinds Black 12M/13.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-125 Tradewinds Black 12.5M/14W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-13 Tradewinds Black 13M/14.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-14 Tradewinds Black 14M/15.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-15 Tradewinds Black 15M/16.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-7 Tradewinds Black 7M/8.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-7.5 Tradewinds Black 7.5M/9W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-8 Tradewinds Black 8M/9.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-8.5 Tradewinds Black 8.5M/10W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-9 Tradewinds Black 9M/10.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-7TB-9.5 Tradewinds Black 9.5M/11W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-10 Stormy Silver 10M/11.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-105 Stormy Silver 10.5M/12W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-11 Stormy Silver 11M/12.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-115 Stormy Silver 11.5M/13W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-12 Stormy Silver 12M/13.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-125 Stormy Silver 12.5M/14W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-13 Stormy Silver 13M/14.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-14 Stormy Silver 14M/15.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-15 Stormy Silver 15M/16.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-7 Stormy Silver 7M/8.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-7.5 Stormy Silver 7.5M/9W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-8 Stormy Silver 8M/9.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-8.5 Stormy Silver 8.5M/10W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-9 Stormy Silver 9M/10.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-8SS-9.5 Stormy Silver 9.5M/11W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-10 Phantom Castler 10M/11.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-105 Phantom Castler 10.5M/12W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-11 Phantom Castler 11M/12.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-115 Phantom Castler 11.5M/13W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-12 Phantom Castler 12M/13.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-125 Phantom Castler 12.5M/14W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-13 Phantom Castler 13M/14.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-14 Phantom Castler 14M/15.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-15 Phantom Castler 15M/16.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-7 Phantom Castler 7M/8.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-7.5 Phantom Castler 7.5M/9W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-8 Phantom Castler 8M/9.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-8.5 Phantom Castler 8.5M/10W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-9 Phantom Castler 9M/10.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-9PC-9.5 Phantom Castler 9.5M/11W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-10 Black 10M/11.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-105 Black 10.5M/12W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-11 Black 11M/12.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-115 Black 11.5M/13W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-12 Black 12M/13.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-125 Black 12.5M/14W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-13 Black 13M/14.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-14 Black 14M/15.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-15 Black 15M/16.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-7 Black 7M/8.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-7.5 Black 7.5M/9W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-8 Black 8M/9.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-8.5 Black 8.5M/10W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-9 Black 9M/10.5W

411060KP1-MIZ-B-9.5 Black 9.5M/11W

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Mizuno Wave Creation 20 Mens
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