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asics gel-kayano 30 men's asics black 11

Product Info
Item Number: 1011B548 Brand: Asics Gender: Men Product Type: Neutral
Available Colors/Sizes
Sizes: 66.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.5131415
Colors: Grey, Black/Sheet Rock, Black/Yellow
Price: $160.00
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2 Quantity 

available through Asics.
From 5Ks to full marathons, the GEL-KAYANO® 30 shoe is designed to provide advanced stability and softer cushioning properties. ​​The new 4D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ helps provide adaptive stability. This helps you experience a more supportive and balanced stride during your distance training. ​​

Its midsole is revamped with FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning and a 4mm stack height increase. With approximately 20% bio-based content, this material helps create cloud-like softness in every step.​

The new PureGEL™ technology is strategically positioned below the heel for a smoother ride. It's 65% softer than conventional visible GEL™ technology, allowing your distance training to feel surprisingly smooth.​

Indicates that item is available through Asics.
Item ModelItem NumberColorSizeAvailable
1011B548LGL-ASC-065-10 Grey 10M/11.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-105 Grey 10.5M/12W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-11 Grey 11M/12.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-115 Grey 11.5M/13W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-12 Grey 12M/13.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-125 Grey 12.5M/14W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-13 Grey 13M/14.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-14 Grey 14M/15.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-15 Grey 15M/16.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-6 Grey 6M/7.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-6.5 Grey 6.5M/8W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-7 Grey 7M/8.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-7.5 Grey 7.5M/9W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-8 Grey 8M/9.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-8.5 Grey 8.5M/10W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-9 Grey 9M/10.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-065-9.5 Grey 9.5M/11W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-10 Black/Sheet Rock 10M/11.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-105 Black/Sheet Rock 10.5M/12W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-11 Black/Sheet Rock 11M/12.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-115 Black/Sheet Rock 11.5M/13W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-12 Black/Sheet Rock 12M/13.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-125 Black/Sheet Rock 12.5M/14W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-13 Black/Sheet Rock 13M/14.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-14 Black/Sheet Rock 14M/15.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-15 Black/Sheet Rock 15M/16.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-6 Black/Sheet Rock 6M/7.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-6.5 Black/Sheet Rock 6.5M/8W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-7 Black/Sheet Rock 7M/8.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-7.5 Black/Sheet Rock 7.5M/9W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-8 Black/Sheet Rock 8M/9.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-8.5 Black/Sheet Rock 8.5M/10W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-9 Black/Sheet Rock 9M/10.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-3BS-9.5 Black/Sheet Rock 9.5M/11W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-10 Black 10M/11.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-105 Black 10.5M/12W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-11 Black 11M/12.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-115 Black 11.5M/13W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-12 Black 12M/13.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-125 Black 12.5M/14W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-13 Black 13M/14.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-14 Black 14M/15.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-15 Black 15M/16.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-6 Black 6M/7.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-6.5 Black 6.5M/8W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-7 Black 7M/8.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-7.5 Black 7.5M/9W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-8 Black 8M/9.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-8.5 Black 8.5M/10W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-9 Black 9M/10.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-B-9.5 Black 9.5M/11W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-10 Black/Yellow 10M/11.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-105 Black/Yellow 10.5M/12W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-11 Black/Yellow 11M/12.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-115 Black/Yellow 11.5M/13W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-12 Black/Yellow 12M/13.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-125 Black/Yellow 12.5M/14W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-13 Black/Yellow 13M/14.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-14 Black/Yellow 14M/15.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-15 Black/Yellow 15M/16.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-6 Black/Yellow 6M/7.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-6.5 Black/Yellow 6.5M/8W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-7 Black/Yellow 7M/8.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-7.5 Black/Yellow 7.5M/9W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-8 Black/Yellow 8M/9.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-8.5 Black/Yellow 8.5M/10W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-9 Black/Yellow 9M/10.5W

1011B548LGL-ASC-BY-9.5 Black/Yellow 9.5M/11W

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Asics GEL-KAYANO 30 Men's
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